Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Manarat International University

Code Course Name
BME201 Basic Mechanical Engineering
CHM101 Chemistry
CHM102 Chemistry Lab
CSE105 Essential Computing
CSE106 Essential Computing Lab
CSE204 Computer Network Lab
CSE213 Computer Network
CSE214 Computer Network Lab
CSE215 Computer Programming
CSE216 Computer Programming Lab
EEE101 Electrical Circuits-I
EEE103 Electrical Circuits-II
EEE104 Electrical Circuits Lab
EEE105 Electronics – I
EEE207 Electronics-II
EEE208 Electronics Lab
EEE209 Digital Electronics
EEE210 Digital Electronics Lab
EEE301 Machines I
EEE302 Machines I Lab
EEE303 Machines II
EEE304 Machines II Lab
EEE315 Signals and Systems
EEE317 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
EEE319 Microprocessor and Interfacing
EEE320 Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab
EEE321 Digital Signal Processing
EEE322 Digital Signal Processing Lab
EEE323 Communication Engineering
EEE324 Communication Engineering Lab
EEE325 Electrical Engineering Materials
EEE327 Semiconductor Devices
EEE335 Digital Integrated Circuit Design
EEE336 Digital Integrated Circuit Design Lab
EEE337 Digital Communication Electronics
EEE338 Digital Communication Electronics Lab
EEE339 RF and Microwave Engineering
EEE340 RF and Microwave Engineering Lab
EEE341 Microprocessor Based System Design
EEE342 Microprocessor Based System Design Lab
EEE406 Project / Thesis
EEE429 Energy Conversion – III
EEE430 Energy Conversion – III Lab
EEE431 Power Electronics
EEE432 Power Electronics Lab
EEE433 Operation and Control of Power System
EEE434 Operation and Control of Power System Lab
EEE443 Control systems
EEE444 Control Systems Lab
EEE445 Transmission and Distribution
EEE447 Power systems Engineering
EEE449 Power Plant Engineering
EEE451 High Voltage Engineering
EEE453 Power System Protection
EEE454 Power System Protection Lab
EEE455 Renewable Energy
EEE457 Semiconductor Processing and Fabrication
EEE459 Optoelectronics
EEE461 Analog Integrated Circuits
EEE463 VLSI Design
EEE464 VLSI Design Lab
EEE465 Telecommunications Networks & Switching
EEE467 Digital Communication
EEE468 Digital Communication Lab
EEE469 Wireless and Mobile Communication
EEE471 Optical Fiber Communications
EEE473 Satellite Communication
EEE475 Database Systems
EEE477 Real Time Computer System
EEE479 Computer Architecture
EEE481 Software Engineering
EEE483 Embedded System Design
GEA327 Peace and Conflict Studies
GED111 Fundamentals of English
GED115 Comparative Religious Studies
GED122 Basic Concept of Islam
GED213 Composition and Communication Skills
GED224 Bangladesh Studies
GED235 Life and Teaching of Prophet Muhammad (SW)
GED301 Comparative Social System
GED303 Arabic Language
GED327 Quran, Science and Humanity
GED401 Financial Managerial Accounting
GED403 Economics
GED405 Engineering Business Management
GED407 Professional Ethics
MED330 Mechanical Engineering Drawing
MTH101 Differential and Integral Calculus
MTH103 Differential Equations and Complex Variable
MTH105 Linear Algebra and Vector Analysis
MTH207 Co-ordinate Geometry
MTH209 Probability and Statistics
PHY101 Physics I
PHY203 Physics II
PHY204 Physics Lab