Information technology (IT) is the use of computers to create, process, store, retrieve, and exchange all kinds of electronic data[1] and information. IT is typically used within the context of business operations as opposed to personal or entertainment technologies.[2] IT is considered to be a subset of information and communications technology (ICT). An information technology system (IT system) is generally an information system, a communications system, or, more specifically speaking, a computer system – including all hardware, software, and peripheral equipment – operated by a limited group of IT users.

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The difference between Computer Science and Information Technology is that computer scientists design and develop the software programs that IT professionals use and maintain. IT specialists take what they’ve learned about computers and apply that knowledge in businesses across all industries.

Careers in both IT and computer science can take you in many directions, but they do have distinct paths. Jobs grounded in computer science will broadly mean working with programming languages or data to develop or improve products. Jobs in IT will focus more heavily on the operation of computers, their networks, and systems, so that others in an organization can do their work smoothly.


Mustafijur Rahman

System Engineer (In-charge)

Md. Arif Ullah

Assistant IT Officer

Md. Monjoor Morshed

Computer Lab. Assistant

Sumiya Jahan

Computer Lab. Assistant

Nahid Akhter

IT Assistant (Ad hoc)

Md. Salman Hossain

IT Assistant (Ad hoc)


1. Create New ID, Password Change & Other Issues(Faculty)

2. Create New ID, Password Change & Other Issues(Offical)

3. Profile Update, Activation Password Change & Training(Student)


4. Data Server Maintain

5. Online Library Server Maintain

6. Maintain Internet Connection

7. Network Media & Devices

8. Network Security Basics

All Kinds Of IT Support :

9. Student Information Update (Removing 6 from ID#, name correction, date of birth correction, parents name include/correction, mobile no. change, email id change/correction, address change)

10. ID Unblock (Payment due, degree analysis, semester drop, readmission, probation, time extension)

11. Create,Guide & Other

12. Technical Support Training & Others

13. Troubleshooting of all IT Equipments

Vitual Support:


15. Cell:+880 1406 699 400

16. What’up:0 1406 699 400


Which password are you want? MIU portal password or Domain mail password?please confirm/send me Your Student ID or full name & phone number
please let us know your father’s name, your mother’s name, your date of birth, your old mobile number and new mobile number. For security reasons we need the father’s name, your mother’s name, your date of birth. We will match these with the information stored on the portal and then update your information. Please cooperate with us.
first you change your browser. use opera mini or us browser. when you want to log in write down the address,com 2nd visit our youtube channel carefully. hope it is helpful for you. n.b you just install devise policy. never active the policy.
Dear Student, Please contact with your department officer Hope In sha Allah, he will help you and proper guidelines for your registration.
For any kind of IT Support:
Mobile Number: 01406699400

Gulshan Own Campus

Plot # CEN-16, Road # 106

Contact With :

Mustafijur Rahman
EXT: 131




Permanent Campus

Ashulia Model Town,Khagan

Contact With :

Arif Ullah
EXT: 212