Academic Information



Medium of Instruction:


The Medium of Instruction of Manarat International University is “English”.

Dropping Semester and Readmission:


If any student, without prior permission, drops out of two consecutive semesters in case of Pharmacy department or three consecutive semesters in case of other departments, his/her admission/studentship would be cancelled, and he/she would have to take re-admission to revive studentship.

Credit Transfer of Students:


Students who wish to be transferred to MIU from other institutions should also fill out the admission from and submit their official transcripts. MIU requires a minimum 2.5 GPA in an applicant’s previous academic record. Official Transcripts should be sent directly to the Office of the Controller of Examinations after getting admitted. A candidate’s eligibility to be transferred will be decided by the departmental academic committee on the basis of merit and other academic considerations.

Academic Probation and Dismissal:


An undergraduate student is placed on academic probation if he or she fails to achieve a minimum 2.0 CGPA at the end of the semester. Student pursuing the MBA Program must attain minimum 2.50 CGPA at every semester to maintain acceptable academic standing at MIU. Under such circumstances, a student must register in the subsequent semester upon approval of a student counselor. Academic probation for three consecutive semesters will result in the dismissal of the student from the university. The dismissed student must seek reinstatement. However, the university reserves the right not to readmit the dismissed student.

Course Pre-Registration & Registration


All students are required to register for courses advised by the Department through online in each semester until they have fulfilled all graduation requirements. In the pre-registration stage, students have to add their courses and allocated sections. After paying the “Advanced Payment amount” as per MIU policy students must confirm their registration. Without registration credits will not be counted. The date and time of registration are provided in the Academic Calendar or a notice of registration is circulated by Office of the Registrar. All students must complete their registration within the scheduled time, otherwise there is possibilities for late registration with fine of 100/- per day basis to 5000/. If any student fails to complete the course registration within the deadline then he/she would be barred from attending any class or examination.

Drop and Withdrawal from Courses


Students may apply for drop or withdrawal of courses that they have already registered for. The drop should be done as per Academic Calendar and withdrawal exercise may be done before the Mid Term Examination. In the case of drop within time the fee also will be reversed. However, in the withdrawal case the fee will not be removed from the students’ account and results also will not be affected.

Course Retake


The students having B- C+, C, D, I or F Grade holder student can apply with the prescribed form in the respective Department Offices for retake the courses within the next 2 consecutive semesters. Pre-requisite courses should be repeated on priority basis. The improved grade will be computed in the final transcript and the previous grade/s (i.e. B-, D or F) will not be shown. If any student earns ‘B’ or above grade for any course he/she would not be allowed to retake.


Makeup Exam


According to the decision of 35th meeting of the Examinations committee, students who have some serious grounds mentioned below should be considered for makeup examinations of final exam:

    1. Hospitalization due to serious illness certified by authorized physician with lab report.
    2. Death of close relatives.
    3. Job transferred to another District (in case of MBA)

In this case the student need to apply by a prescribed Application Form may be collected in the Office of the Controller of Examinations within the notified time frame along with the recommendations of all concerned persons and the fee of Tk. 3000 per course.

Class Attendance

According to the recommendations of the 28th meeting of the Academic Council and 72nd Syndicate meeting held on 5 July 2014 regarding regular attendance of the students, the following rules would be applied

  1. Students having below 50% attendance of total classes will not be allowed to appear at examinations.
  2. Students having 50% to 59% attendance of total classes of a semester are entitled to appear at the examination with a fine of Tk. 1000/- (one thousand).

MIU Academic Year and Semester

The academic year of the Manarat International University incorporates three equal semesters for all programs except the Department of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Law.
Semester Semester Start Semester End
Spring Semester January April
Summer Semester May August
Fall Semester September December
  Pharmacy and Law Department  incorporates only two semesters in an academic year according to the guideline of Bangladesh Pharmacy Council & Bar Council. The duration of each semester is 6 months.
This is till Spring 2022
Semester Semester Start Semester End
Spring Semester January June
Fall Semester July December
Sl No. Description Downloads
1 MIU Academic Calendar: Spring 2024 (Except Pharmacy and LAW)
2 MIU Academic Calendar: Spring 2024 (January to June)
3 MIU Academic Calendar: 2024 (Pharmacy & LL.B)
4 MIU Academic Calendar: 2023 (Pharmacy (Batch (36-39)))
5 MIU Academic Calendar: Fall 2023
6 MIU Academic Calendar: Spring 2023 
7 MIU Academic Calendar: 2022 (Pharmacy (Batch 40, 41))
8 MIU Academic Calendar:  Fall-2022 (Pharmacy)
9 MIU Academic Calendar: 2022 (Pharmacy)
10 MIU Academic Calendar: 2022
11 MIU Academic Calendar: 2021 (Pharmacy) Fall-2021
12 MIU Academic Calendar: 2021 (Pharmacy)
13 MIU Academic Calendar: 2021
14 MIU Academic Calendar Revised: Fall 2020
15 MIU Academic Calendar Revised: 2020
16 MIU Academic Calendar: 2020 (Pharmacy)
17 MIU Academic Calendar: 2020
18 MIU Academic Calendar: 2019
19 MIU Academic Calendar: 2018
20 MIU Academic Calendar: 2019(Pharmacy)
21 MIU Academic Calendar: 2018(Pharmacy)