Welcome to School of Arts And Humanities !

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff of the School of Arts and Humanities, MIU, It is my pleasure to welcome you to the School of Arts and Humanities at our esteemed university; Manarat International University (MIU). As the Dean, I am honored to lead a vibrant community of scholars, academicians, researchers and creative thinkers who are dedicated to fostering excellence in the religious studies, humanities and social sciences. Our school offers a wide range of programs that span across the fields of history, philosophy, literature, art, religion, and communication studies. We are committed to providing our students with a rigorous and engaging education that prepares them for a range of career paths, from academia to the arts, media, and beyond. Our faculty members are distinguished scholars, researchers, and experts in their respective fields, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. They are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to providing our students with a supportive and intellectually stimulating learning environment. We take pride in our research culture and are committed to advancing knowledge and understanding in the humanities and social sciences. Our faculty members are engaged in cutting-edge research and scholarship that addresses some of the most pressing issues of our time, from climate change to social justice, and beyond. At the School of Arts and Humanities, we believe that creativity and critical thinking are essential skills for success in the 21st century. We are committed to nurturing these skills in our students through a range of opportunities, including internships, study abroad programs, and hands-on experiences that allow them to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-world situations. We are also proud of our vibrant community of students, who come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of perspectives to our classrooms and research labs. Our students are engaged in a range of extracurricular activities, from student-led organizations to community service projects, that enrich their academic experience and help them develop leadership skills. As we continue to navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to providing our students with the best possible education and support. Our faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to adapt our programs to the changing circumstances and ensure that our students can continue to learn and grow. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our faculty, staff, and students for their hard work and dedication to the School of Arts and Humanities. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about our programs, research, and community activities, and to join us in our mission to advance knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking.




Dean, School of Arts And Humanities


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