Message from the Vice-Chancellor



Vice-Chancellor (Acting)

Manarat International University (MIU) was established in 2001 with a vision of ensuring international standards in higher education and to produce a future generation with high morals. We have passed one and a half-decade with a good reputation and placed ourselves as one of the top-ranking private universities in Bangladesh. We have highly competent faculty with excellent academic credentials. Some of them have degrees from the United Kingdom, North America, China, Turkey, Malaysia, and other Asian top universities. At present, MIU has three schools offering seven undergraduate and two master’s programs. The courses have been designed to achieve the objective of preparing our students for successful careers and ingrain into them the values of humanity through religious teachings.

I invite you to explore more of our web site and if possible, to visit our nicely located campuses at Gulshan and Ashulia and experience the difference in MIU.