Online Training Program

09 July 2020

Online Training Program for Freshers

An online training program on ''MIU Software and Online Registration Process'' for the fresher students of Summer-2020 semester of all programs will be held on July 9, 2020 at 3.30 pm. Muhammad Abdul Latif, Director of IT will conduct the Training program. All fresher students, admitted to different programs of MIU in the Summer-2020 semester are requested to join the training program in time.
Please join through the link:
Meeting ID: 915 508 6855
Password: 5555555
1. Always keep your mic mute while you are not speaking.
2. Use good headphone for better audio quality.
3. Please sit face up to the window or light source.
4. Adjust camera angle to make sure you are on camera.
Full Notice on PDF: Online Training Program for Freshers-1