Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering

Interdisciplinary Courses
ECO-101 Economics
ACC-201 Financial and Managerial Accounting
MGT-301 Industrial Management
Core Courses
CSE-101 Essential Computing
CSE-102 Structured Programming
EEE-101 Electrical Circuits
MTH-100 Engineering Mathematics
PHY-102 Physics
EEE-102 Basic Electronics
MTH-104 Differential Calculus and Co-ordinate Geometry
CSE-104 Discrete Mathematics
CSE-203 Theory of Computing
CSE-207 Object Oriented Programming (using Java)
CSE-208 Data Structures
CSE-209 Digital Logic Design
CSE-210 Algorithm
CSE-211 Assembly Language
MTH-201 Integral Calculus and Differential Equations
MTH-203 Complex Variables, Fourier and Lap lace Transform
MTH-204 Linear Algebra and Matrix
STS-301 Statistics and Probability
CSE-302 Computer Organization and Architecture
CSE-303 Data and Computer Communication
CSE-304 Database Systems
CSE-308 Microprocessor and Interfacing
CSE-309 Digital Electronics and Pulse Techniques
CSE-310 Operating Systems
CSE-311 Numerical Methods
CSE-312 Software Development
CSE-313 System Analysis and Design
CSE-402 Software Engineering
CSE-403 Computer Graphics
CSE-408 Internet and Web Programming
CSE-409 Compiler Design
CSE-410 Computer Networking
CSE-411 Artificial Intelligence
CSE-412 Introduction to VLSI
Thesis/Project Work
CSE-400 Thesis/Project Work
Concentration Courses
CSE-431 Advanced Database Systems
CSE-432 Multimedia Systems
CSE-433 Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems
CSE-434 Digital Signal and Image Processing
CSE-435 Parallel and Distributed Processing
CSE-436 Pattern Recognition
CSE-437 Computer Vision and Robotics
CSE-438 Simulation and Modeling
CSE-439 Telecommunication Engineering
CSE-440 Cellular, Mobile & Satellite Communication
CSE-441 Optical Fiber Communication
CSE-442 Management Information System