Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Department of Business Administration

Manarat International University

Make-up Courses
BUS 401 Introduction to Business
BUS 402 Business Mathematics
BUS 403 Business Statistics
BUS 404 Business Communication
BUS 405 Business Law
CSE 401 Essential Computing
ECO 401 Principle of Economics
ENG 401 Essential English – I
ENG 402 Essential English – II
Foundation Courses
MGT 501 Principles of Management
ACT 501 Principles of Accounting
MKT 501 Principles of Marketing
FIN 501 Principles of Finance
ECO 501 Managerial Economics
FIN 502 Islamic Financial System
CSE 501 Computer Applications in Business
BUS 501 Business Research Methodology
ACT 502 Income Tax
ACT 503 Auditing
Core Courses
ACT 601 Management Accounting
MGT 601 Human Resource Management
MKT 601 Marketing Management
FIN 601 Managerial Finance
MGT 602 Production and Operations Management
FIN 602 Islamic Banking and Insurance
BUS 601 International Business
Integrative Course
MGT 603 Strategic Management
FIN 611 Financial Markets and Institutions
FIN 612 Portfolio Management
FIN 613 Investment Analysis
FIN 614 Corporate Finance
FIN 615 Real Estate Management
FIN 616 Development Financial Institutions
FIN 617 Bank Management
FIN 618 International Finance
FIN 619 Financial Derivatives
FIN 620 Project Management
FIN 621 Risk Management
FIN 622 Merchant and Investment Banking
FIN 623 Working Capital Management
FIN 624 Credit Analysis And Credit Investment
FIN 625 Insurance
FIN 626 Bank & Insurance Accounting
FIN 627 Seminar in Advanced Finance
Accounting Concentration Courses
ACT 602 Advanced Accounting
ACT 603 Cost Accounting
ACT 604 Tax Accounting
ACT 605 Corporate Auditing
ACT 606 Corporate Reporting and Financial Statement Analysis
ACT 607 International Accounting
ACT 608 Accounting Information System
ACT 609 Accounting for Government and Not-for-Profit Organizations
ACT 610 E-Business Accounting
FIN 620 Project Management
FIN 623 Working Capital Management
FIN 626 Bank and Insurance Accounting
ACT 611 Seminars on Advanced Accounting
Marketing Concentration Courses
MKT 611 Buyer Behavior
MKT 612 Promotional Management
MKT 613 Marketing Channels and Distribution Management
MKT 614 Services Marketing
MKT 615 Product Planning and Development
MKT 616 Marketing of Social Products
MKT 617 International Marketing
MKT 618 Marketing Research
MKT 619 Strategic Marketing
MKT 620 Marketing Communication
MKT 621 Seminar in Advanced Marketing
General Management Concentration Courses
MGT 611 Operations Research
MGT 612 Management of Change
MGT 613 Labor Management Relations
MGT 614 Entrepreneurship Development
MGT 615 Management of Service Organizations
MGT 616 Management Communications and Negotiations
MGT 617 Comparative Management
MGT 618 Management of Technology
MGT 619 Total Quality Management (TQM)
MGT 620 Conflict Management
MGT 621 Organizational Theory and Design
MGT 622 Seminar on Advanced Management
Human Resource Management Concentration Courses
HRM 611 Strategic Human Resource Management
HRM 612 International Human Resource Management
HRM 613 Career Planning and Development
HRM 614 Labor and Trade Union Studies
HRM 615 Compensation Management
HRM 616 Ethics and Social Issues in Management
HRM 617 Management of Human Resources in Bangladesh
Management Information Systems Concentration Courses
MIS 611 Systems Design and Development
MIS 612 Management Information Systems
MIS 613 Database Management
MIS 614 Computer Based Simulation Systems
MIS 615 Data Communication Systems
MIS 616 Advanced Management Information Systems
MIS 617 Decision Support and Expert Systems
MIS 618 Advanced Database Management
MIS 619 E-Business and IT Strategy
MIS 620 Information Resource Management
MIS 621 Seminar on Advanced MIS