Department of Law


Program: Bachelor of Law (LLB)


Manarat International University (MIU) is a leading private university started in 2001, aiming to be a center of academic and moral excellence. We provide quality education at an affordable cost through its registered campus at Gulshan and Ashulia.

Dept. of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) Hons.

Why Manarat Law Department?

Law shapes politics, economics, and society in various ways and serves as a mediator of relations between people. Taking into account the importance of law in modern times, the curriculum of a 4-year LLB (Hons.) Bachelor Program, has been designed and developed with a good number of faculties and to meet up that goal special arrangements are being made…
  • to equip the students of law to join the legal profession;
  • to make them good academics, administrators, judges and leaders.
  • to provide students access to leading law journals, reports and textbooks.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the LLB program are but not limited to:
  • help students develop inter-disciplinary approach for raising the personality and the intellectual ability to understand the society and the human situation in a changing social order;
  • produce competent and conscientious students of law who would absorb and master the theory of law, its philosophy, its function and its role in a society; and
  • develop personnel in law-related professions who possess the knowledge, competency and experience necessary to keep abreast of new developments in law..

Program Structure

MIU LLB (Hons.) Program is comprised of General Education (GED) and legal core courses. To obtain Bachelor degree from the Department of Law, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 144 credits, including 24 credits of General Education courses (GED) and 120 credits of departmental courses.

Academic Calendar

The Academic year consists of three semesters: Spring, Summer and Fall. The Spring starts in January and ends in April. The Summer commences in May and ends in August and the span of Fall semester is from September to December.

Attractive areas where graduates can get employment after completion of Bachelor of Laws:

  • Judges or Judicial Magistrates in Judicial Service
  • Legal practitioners
  • Legal Advisor
  • Law officer in corporate body
  • Academics
  • Legal researchers
  • NGO-NPO & Multi National Organisations
  • Public Servantsa
  • Independent

Accreditation, Affiliation & Collaboration

University Grants Commission (UGC) and Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh, approved all degree programs of the University. Negotiations for academic collaboration with internationally reputed Universities are in progress.

Admission Requirements & Eligibility

  • Minimum GPA 2.50 both in SSC and HSC Examinations.Or
  • Minimum GPA 2.00 in SSC or HSC level but not less than GPA 6.00 in total.Or
  • GCE ‘O’ Level in 5 subjects and ‘A’ Level in 2 subjects with at least 4 Bs and 3 Cs; or GPA 3.5. Or
  • USA High School Diploma, and
  • Total GPA 5.00 in SSC and HSC Examinations or its equivalents for the Freedom Fighters’ children.
Application forms are available at the Admission office/ information desk of MIU. One can also download the application form from our website ( The admission test may be waived for an applicant having a score of 1100 or more in SAT. Students with TOEFL score of 500 or above are exempted from taking the English section of the admission test.

Special Program Features

  • Highly qualified faculty from the leading public Universities of Bangladesh
  • Speedy internet facility
  • Well-equipped library with modern students’ facility
  • Tuition fee waiver in the first semester for students on the basis of CGPA in SSC & HSC/two As in A level.
  • Scholarship and/or financial assistance to at least 5% of the registered students falling under category of poor and meritorious group
  • Credit transfer facilities from other Universities/ recognized institutions
  • Regular student participation in seminars, different club activities and entrepreneurs

Tuition Fee Waiver for Poor and Meritorious Students

Because of high tuition fees structure, education at most of the private universities is beyond the reach of the common people. In this situation, many poor but meritorious students cannot go for higher studies. Considering this fact, MIU has provisions for tuition fee concessions up to 100% on the basis of the students’ academic result and financial position. MIU authority, following the rules set by the University Grants Commission (UGC), offers to poor and meritorious students tuition fee concession which is as follows:

Besides the above mentioned tuition fee concession MIU offers huge tuition fee waiver to the poor and meritorious students so that they can continue higher education at MIU.

Degree Requirements:

To obtain A Bachelor degree in Business Administration, students need to earn a minimum of 130 Credit hours of Course requirements as distributed below:
tr> 5th Semester Law *** Clinical Legal Education (noncredit).
 Course Code and Course Title Credit   Total credits in semester
1st Semester
Law 111 Legal History of Indian Sub-continent 3
Law 112 Interpretation of Laws 3
GED 111 English Fundamentals 3
Total 9
2nd Semester
Law 113 Constitutional Law of Bangladesh 4
Law 114 Hindu Law 2
Law 115 Jurisprudence 4
GED 213 Composition and Communication Skill 3
Total 13
3rd Semester
Law 116 Muslim Law 4
Law 117 Equity and Trust 2
Law 118 Legal System of Bangladesh 4
GED 316 Quranic Language or 3
GEA 327 Peace & Conflict Studies 3
Total 13
4th Semester
Law 222 Constitutional Law of the UK and USA 3
Law 223 Law of Contract 3
Law 224 Law of Torts 3
GED 122 Basic Concepts of Islam or 3
GEA History 3
Total 12
Law 225 Criminology 3
Law 226 Transfer of property 3
Law 227 Criminal Law- I 4
GED 235 Life and Teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) 3
Total 13
6th Semester
Law 228 Criminal Procedure – I 3
Law 229 Criminal Law- II 4
Law 230 Law of Limitation 2
GED 327 Quran, Science and Humanity or 3
GEA 316 Comparative Social System 3
Total 12
7th Semester
Law 333 Labour Law- I 2
Law 334 Environmental Law 3
Law 335 Criminal Procedure – II 3
Law 336 The Public Demands Recovery Act 2
GED 224 Bangladesh Studies 3
Total 13
8th Semester
Law 337 Administrative Law 3
Law 338 Company Law – I 2
Law 339 Labour Law – II 2
Law 340 Human Rights 3
GED 338 Environmental Studies 3
Total 13
9th Semester
Law 341 Company Law – II 2
Law 342 Land Laws- I 3
Law 343 Taxation Law 4
Law 344 Law of Registration 2
Law 345 The Specific Relief Act 2
Total 13
10th Semester
Law 444 Land Laws- II 3
Law 445 Law of Evidence – I 3
Law 446 Business Law – I 3
Law 447 Public International Law- I 3
Total 12
11th Semester
Law 448 Public International Law- II 3
Law 449 Law of Evidence – II 2
Law 450 Business Law – II 3
Law 451 Civil Procedure- I 3
Total 11
12th Semester
Law 452 Civil Procedure- II 3
Law 453 Conveyancing and Drafting 4
Law 454 Women and Law 3
Total 144